Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Off the Grid (not me but the painting)

So today I changed my cover image again...(after all I need to keep it fresh) with a painting that I have not added to Etsy yet. I was not sure it would be popular because I have a lot of similar paintings in my "Island" series. Well I was wrong. A bunch of people like it and I put out a plea for a title since I was out of ideas. There were lots of great suggestions but the one I liked best came from Jessica, a dear and long time family friend whom I adore. Jessica had several good ideas herself but this was my favorite.
So next up in my shop will be…

"Off the Grid"


  1. It's wonderful Deb, so restful, and I love the title!

  2. Thank you so much Annie! x

  3. There is nothing better than feeling off the grid, and this captures the that feeling really well. Love it! :)