Sunday, August 19, 2012

New beginnings...

I think that is a pretty good title for when one takes on a new thing in life. A thing that you never in your wildest dreams could've imagined you might be doing. The funny thing is that I don't need another *thing* to be doing in my life. My painting and knitting and life in general keep me pretty busy as it is. As a lot of people told me after they *retired* from my last place of employment "I don't know how I had time to work!" It is true. Anyway, crazy as it sounds this new thing called to me. It got my attention through Don though. Because a few months ago as I sat next to him on the sofa in our usual evening routine of laptops, TV or music and knitting he said "I bet you are gonna want to do this soon." Or something like that. What can I say? He was right. That said, I am now the proud owner of a spinning wheel and I love it. I sometimes think I am a pioneer woman sitting there making something that anyone can go out and buy. There is something wonderful about doing that though. So let me introduce you to Lola Jr: 

Lola Jr. is a Lendrum DTC Spinning Wheel and she is lovely.
Lola Jr arrived last Thursday and to be honest I was a little intimidated but after a bit of frustration in getting her to move consistently in the right direction I conquered my fear. Here is my first bobbin of yarn (crap, by the way but you have to start somewhere):
First bobbin of yarn. Alpaca from two different animals (White is Camile and Tan is Abby)

I should stop here to say how lucky I am to have generous friends on Etsy one of whom sent me nearly 6 pounds of alpaca from some of her older animals to practice with. Camile is one of them and the other is from Outlaw which turned out much better since I am getting the hang of it now:

This is bobbin #2 with Outlaw's fleece on it. It is very soft and silky.
The things I love about spinning so far is that it is a green activity. No electricity is required and the animals grow more fleece. It is also incredibly relaxing.  I can't wait to get some yarn that is good enough to knit with. Meanwhile I'm having fun learning. Besides, who could resist a face like this?
Gigi, who lives at Riverstone Alpacas 

I would also like to thank all of my new friends over at the Facebook groups Fiber Artists and Wool Artists and Spinners and a special thanks to Joy at Riverstone Alpacas and Kate at her Woolwinding blog for her encouragement and humor and Annie at Knitsofacto for leading me to Kate.  If you are in anyway interested in fiber arts or knitting check these lovely people out! As they say...Spin on!


  1. That's what I love about we crafty gals, the way everyone helps everyone else out. Kate's hilarious isn't she, and thanks for the mention.

    And wow! Look at that yarn. That you spun. Spin on ;D

  2. Yes, I do like Kate. We've talked a bit through email and on her blog.
    Thanks Annie!