Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Dessert

We are officially ready for Christmas. I am happy to say that we did not over do anything this year.  I did decide not to make my traditional Bûche de Noel (Yule Log cake for you non-Français readers. I have been making it for a bazillion years (that translates into at least 35) and it is delicious. However, it IS a Christmas Eve dinner tradition and since we are having our family dinner on Christmas Day this year due to family time conflicts that was my way of opting out as lame an excuse as that is. This year we will have  something different. Last night Don and I were able to successfully replicate out favorite ice cream from Swensen's. There used to me Swensen's Ice Cream Parlors all over but sadly most have closed that are within easy driving distance. Lately the only one we have been to is the "mother ship" in San Francisco—a tad far for dessert cravings.  I digress. The ice cream flavor in question is none other than Swiss Orange Chip. Simply the best ice cream flavor on planet earth though SOME will tell you that it has to be something from the rival shop called Fenton's. But pay no attention. So, we decided that we NEED some SOC for dessert on Christmas. We went out and bought an ice cream maker and put to the test the recipe that Don found a little while ago online (thank you Nate) and to our surprise and delight it is an excellent replica. Personally I think I would have to have a side-by-side blind test to tell the difference. I'm not one to keep a good thing a secret so give it a go. Here's the Recipe.

Now to keep from eating it all before Sunday.

So… what is YOUR traditional Christmas dessert?

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