Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012…New Year, Productive Year? Hope so!

Happy New Year loyal followers. I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas (or however you celebrate the holidays) and I apologize for being lazy these last few weeks. I am sure you understand though. Christmas kind of sucks the life out of most of us at least for a while—as enjoyable as parts of it are. Anyway, I am back and determined to make this a better year.

I even have a list! I find that I do better when I can check things off. Or more often move them to the next day at times. Just being honest. So today my list has nine items.

Last year was my year of being set free. And I am not talking about retirement from the county office. THAT was the year before. 2011 was my year to forget about old ideas when I paint and not to be so worried about ruining a sheet of paper. And more importantly to paint for my own satisfaction and not just  to please someone else. Although I did do three commissions. I guess in a way that is being set free too since I usually say no to those. That is only because I have to love what I am painting or at least connect with it.

This year I am determined to make my Etsy Shop grow and to be in the studio every day. I find I am happiest with a brush in my hand and several sheets of pristine Arches paper stretched and waiting for me to throw paint on. Although this year I am going to be playing around more with my three new things—Yupo Synthetic Paper, Aquabord, and Watercolor canvas as well as enjoying the new porcelain palette that *Santa* brought me.

I have also decided that I want to explore portraiture. This was brought on quite unexpectedly as I became smitten with a watercolor portrait of my favorite actor, Tom Hollander. It was in a news article and I decided to look up the artist, Michael Frith. I even emailed him to find out if I could buy a print. Long story short: I can't afford his work though he was very kind to chat with me about it. After putting that out of my mind (I was determined to own that painting) I decided I would make my own. I did paint Tom a couple of years ago in the character of John Ruskin when he was playing the role in Desperate Romantics but was not very satisfied with the results. So, THAT is on the agenda. Meanwhile I decided to try my hand at another face I love. That of our 3 year old grandson, Colin. I will share that with you here as I am pleased with it so far. It is not quite there but very close.

For any other watercolor artists out there I highly recommend Aquabord for portraiture. It is nearly impossible to ruin it.

Before I put everyone to sleep here I will wrap this up and wish you all a very happy, healthy, productive 2012.


  1. Colin's adorable <3

    I'm a bit wary of new year's resolutions and such but I hope to read more books this year! I've sort of started - have been reading a collection of essays about the Renaissance edited by JH Plumb. It doesn't seem particularly insightful so far but it's a pretty good guide for identifying regions, families and artists.

  2. Great picture of Colin! You are very talented.