Saturday, November 26, 2011

And now for something completely different…

Today my good friend (and "partner in crime") Irene and I were guests on a podcast! When Angela from The Handsome Bob Podcast emailed me about being a guest to talk about the Tom Hollander website that Irene and I created my first reaction was "oh nooooo..." After all I am a shy person at heart. But apparently at least one person foresaw the future for  when we created Thomagination almost five years ago Don said to me "someday someone will want to interview you about this". "Nah!" I would say, brushing the comment away in the air. Irene and I are very proud of the site but I honestly didn't think that would happen. After all it is a bit of a secret identity for me. Anyway, if you are curious and want to hear it you can click here:

(Explicit due to the film clips played. You've been warned.)

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