Sunday, July 29, 2012

Keeping up...

Lately I have found it a bit difficult to keep up here. As some of you know, two weeks ago I had some surgery which involved the removal of some basel cell skin cancer on my nose. Things are healing nicely though I still have to go back for some follow-up work on the reconstruction. I know this might be TMI but I say it by way of an explanation as to why I can't keep up with things. The recovery for all this is pretty taxing. But I will say no more about THAT.

Here are a couple of my latest paintings that had sadly been neglected because I could not muster up the energy to finish them until now. Actually that is not entirely the case. Hiking the Mist Trail had perplexed me (like it's sister Bridal Veil Creek) in that I got stuck and found myself looking at the paintings in process and scratching my head (Why did you do THAT?) as to how to finish them. But I am pretty happy with both now. Bright Creek Dawn is a made up place and part of my ongoing experimentation with the illusive Aquabord. I still like paper better but it is fun to play with new surfaces.

Hiking the Mist Trail, 12"x12" Watercolor on Arches 140# CP

Bright Creek Dawn, 6"x6" (original)  Watercolor on Aquabord.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Quick post...just like these little guys

I painted this for Don for his birthday (which was yesterday) but just finished it today. It's a bit of a departure for me in both subject matter and support (it's still watercolor but on aquabord instead of Arches 140# cold press). Don gets the original but prints will be on Etsy.

Hummingbird, Watercolor on aquabord. 6"x6" Original.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Raging, yet peaceful.

When I posted this over on the Facebook Design and Art Resource group James commented that it was peaceful but still raging (the water) and I took that as a huge compliment since that was the mood I was trying to convey in this. This painting almost didn't make the cut. I wrestled it into submission though after it begged me to keep going. At an early stage I think I must have been painting in my sleep because I looked at it one day and said "OMG. Why in the world did you do THAT?" But I persevered and now I think it is my current favorite. I hope you enjoy standing along the banks of "Bridal Veil Creek" in Yosemite National Park. Don't fall in though. That water is fast and cold! ;) 

Bridal Veil Creek, 12x26 watercolor on 140# Arches CP

P.S. Thank you James!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Lunar Leanings and Lake Lola…

I have noticed lately that my most popular work on Etsy (that is the ones that get the most "favorited" or put in the most treasuries) are the ones with either the dramatic skies or that contain the moon. I am fascinated by the moon myself and love gazing at the night sky on a clear night. It excites me to see the huge orb rise in the east and peak through the trees in our backyard. So, this has been my focus lately. That said, it is difficult to come up with new "moon" paintings because it is dark out and you really can't see that much of anything else. Silhouettes are fine but again, there is a limit in my mind. I came up with Moonrise on Lake Lola a couple of weeks ago. At first it was a beach-type scene but then I realized that it wanted to be a lake. After brainstorming titles with daughter Karin and grandson Colin I arrived at Moonrise on Lake Lola. While I am sure there is a "Lake Lola" somewhere, this particular one is fictitious and purely mine. You see, to my grandchildren I am "Lola". The short version of why is that a friend who is from the Philippines called me "Lola" shortly after I first became a grandma. "Lola" is grandma in  the Tagalog language of the Philippines.

I hope you enjoy your visit to "Lake Lola". Stay as long as you like. It's a peaceful place, the weather is always perfect and reservations are never needed.

"Moonrise on Lake Lola" 14 x 20 watercolor on Arches 140# CP

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Catching up

I just realized that it has been awhile since I posted here. I've been pretty well occupied with painting and knitting. The painting is going well and new stuff will be up soon I promise. I've been working on several paintings that I started after our Yosemite adventure but they informed me that they needed a nap so instead of ripping them from the boards and binning them I let them have their way and you know…I think they were right! I've also been slowly working on the ACEOs of the state flowers. Going alphabetically I have Alabama, Alaska and Arizona done. I will give you, my loyal followers the first look here. 

In other news I sent off the two prints to Honolulu to be included in the set department of Hawaii Five-O and received word today that they arrived safe and sound. Phew! It's like sending my kids out into the world. 

Today I was pleased to find that my work has been mentioned in a lovely blog called The Watercolor World! Thanks to Tanya at Galeria Surreal for that.