Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tripping back to the past

Road trips that is. Several years ago Don and I made an epic road trip in the dead of winter from San Diego to the Timberline Lodge on Mt Hood in Oregon to go skiing. I won't tell you how long ago because it will make me feel old but the fact that we did this in our little orange (yes, orange) Datsun pick-up truck with the camper shell on the back should give you a clue. That and the fact that we were childless at the time.

It was a fun trip and the fact that it was in November meant that we had most of the camping all to ourselves. We camped at wonderful places like Bodega Bay, Russian River, and Cape Lookout along the way. We took lots of pictures because those were our "photography days". Much later I used our photos to do a few paintings of the places we visited.

One of my favorite places was Cape Lookout is located near Tillamook, about an hour and a half west of Portland.  It was such a dramatic beach to come upon after winding through the old growth forest. We were the only ones there and its stark beauty as stayed with me all these years.  A couple of years ago when we drove back from Washington we took a little side trip to see it again. Unfortunately it was getting dark and it was not the same experience but I hope to visit again.

Today, I finally got it together and listed one of those paintings.

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